Future Stunt Man

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The past few weeks have been incredibly uneventful (or at least uninteresting). As a result, I'm kind of scrounging for material. Today, I'm pulling one from the vault (translation, I finally got my act together and uploaded a video I've been meaning to post for the past 6 months). Here's Gregory, the kamikaze, displaying amazing agility, courage, and the sense of a grape (he comes by it honestly since it's his Dad and myself who are actually letting him do it). This video was shot 6 months ago, right before the infamous ice storm of December, 2008.

What can I say, his favorite activities are jumping off things, jumping into things, and jumping over things. I foresee many trips to the emergency in our future.

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Amber said...

He soooo reminds me of my son, just jumping and jumping over again. So cute (and worrisome. :-)

Kathleen said...

Too cute!! And yes, you and Greg are co-conspirators!