Ice Storm

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our town was hit by a devestating ice storm 12/11. We heard the 1st branches fall around 11 PM, and woke up at 4 AM to the almost continuous sound of falling branches. We lost power around the time we heard the 1st branch fall, and didn't get it back for 11 days. Late on 12/22, they finally got our street running, but we were not so lucky with our furnace. Got that working on 12/23 and spent most of the night defrosting pipes.
It hasn't been all bad for the kids. We camped out in the house for the 1st 4 nights, with everyone sleeping on air mattresses in front of the fire and going to bed by 7:30 PM (what did people do before electricity?). On Monday, we moved to Grandma and Grandpa's house, where we spent the next 5 nights. Finally, Sat., 12/21, we came to our senses and got a room in a hotel. Two families with kids in Rebecca's ballet class were also staying there so they got to play in the pool, see each other at breakfast, etc. Gregory also enjoyed the pool and is under the impression that if he just throws himself off the side, someone will catch him.
We finally got to go home Monday, 12/23. No Christmas tree this year, but at least we have heat now. Rebecca said the worst part was "when we had to check out of the hotel and go home".

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Noelle said...

We had already lost power by this time last year. I remember it was shortly after 10 pm that our connection to the world fizzled and we were forced into some, ("Holy shit!!! We're gonna be freezing our asses off by morning if the power doesn't come back on. hahahaha.)" snuggling. That's my favorite part of the story...not even kidding. I get to jump into bed with my sweet little wife and you see, I was certain that the power would be coming back up soon.
We were woken numerous times throughout the night by falling tree branches, tree limbs and trees. Yet; I still calmly woke up at 5 am when my cell phone alarm rang. The tactical man genius in me had thought of everything. I quietly showered and shaved by candle light, dressed myself and went out to warm up the car for work.
What the?@#$!??? Okay, that may be over doing it a little. I mean all I did was pull our van into the garage to get it under cover and continue cleaning the ice off the car. It wasn't until a large snap and crash grabbed my attention that I realized some snafus may have crept into my commuting plans. I quickly pulled our car around to shine the headlights on the damage.
Yeah...that doesn't look good. A tree had fallen. Everything electrical, telecommunications was ripped from it's place on the house and strewn across the yard. Actually, this might be the best part of the story not the most feel good at the time but it certainly helped ease the blow in the end.
Of course, my work plans were squashed and I'd have to jump back in bed with me sweet little wife, awaiting some daylight so I could assess the damage. They've got to get the power back on soon. It's a certainty!
Well if you haven't figured it out that last statement is a fairly common theme. We lost power for 12 days every day thinking it was the last without electricity. There were countless times

Noelle said...

Sorry, hit the publish button by mistake....
My family stepped up. We spent the first 4 days huddled around our fireplace...the next 5 with my in-laws(thank you) and the last 3 holed up in a hotel.