Happy Halloween

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Princess Leia and Yoda

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope everyone's little ghosts and goblins had a safe and happy holiday. We had some big plans for today - Charlie Gowel's 1st birthday at Robbin's Farm Park in Arlington, and then on to Newburyport for Hallowtreem. Unfortunately, Gregory developped a bug that gave him an 103 degree fever Friday night. So he and I laid low today while Greg took Rebecca to Charlie's party. Gregory seemed to be feeling much better after a day of rest, and it was an unseasonally warm 65 degree night here in central Massachusetts. So we decided to let him go out trick-or-treating for an hour, but to stay close to home in case he started running a temp again. With much regret, we stayed home from Hallowtreem, and made a quick trip around the closest block. Probably a wiser decision - after about 1/2 an hour Gregory had enough and was ready for home. Rebecca was disappointed, but her Princess Leia hair was definitely ready to pack it in.

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Nora Gets Baptized

Monday, October 26, 2009

Nora enjoys her first cupcake ever.

Yesterday I got the honor of being a Godparent to my little niece Nora, a.k.a. the cutest baby ever. I was very happy to stand up there with my brother, and my mom (since neither Kenny or I are 'good' enough Catholics to get a letter of verification - sorry Mom) and see that little bubble charm the priest and entire congregation. What a smiley girl!

Rebecca, Evan and Gregory did pretty well in church, except for Gregory's pew climbing incident. That little guy is fast! Unfortunately Greg was sick with an ear infection and sinus infection, so he ended up staying home. We really missed him but he is already starting to feel better now that the antibiotics are starting to kick in. Jif and Chris had a nice party at their place on what turned out to be a glorious day weather wise. The general consensus was that we should get Nora baptized more often if that is how the weather is going to turn out for her big day. Gregory was very pleased by his first exposure to orange soda.

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The Wizard Of Oz

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rebecca at the Hanover Theater

After a weekend with no Internet (how did we ever survive back in the olden days?), Verizon has me back online. Rebecca and I attended 'The Wizard of Oz' Saturday afternoon at our favorite venue, the Hanover Theater in Worcester, Mass. The musical was great with some neat high tech effects (some kind of sheer screen was in front of the stage during the tornado scene which they used to create a 3D illusion with the events on the stage occurring in the middle of the tornado). They stuck pretty close to the movie - even down to making everything sepia tones (through lighting and costumes?) in the Kansas scenes, and vibrant color in the Oz scenes. Rebecca said she loved the show, and wasn't afraid at all, although she did grab my hand several times when the lights were dimmed between scenes - to make sure I wasn't scared ;-).

Sunday we had a North Conway reunion with the other Corbin family and the Treems over to our place for lots of food (chicken ring, homemade crab rangoon, sausages and hot dogs, backed mac-n-cheese, and apple crisp), and to watch a thorough thrashing of the Tennessee Titans by our New England Patriots. The kids picked up right where they left off in August, racing around the house, putting on 'shows', and having a great time.

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Mussel Man

Monday, October 12, 2009


Gregory has always been our good eater. I was amazed when he was 2, he started eating shrimp. But I figured he would get to kindergarten at least before he ate something that I won't. I was wrong - we recently learned he loves mussels - yech! He must get it from his Dad - the two of them put away 2.5 pounds of mussels this weekend.

New "fluffy" haircut

Rebecca got a really cute haircut Saturday - she decided to go pretty short. She's really pleased with it and enjoys "fluffing" it.

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