The Wizard Of Oz

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rebecca at the Hanover Theater

After a weekend with no Internet (how did we ever survive back in the olden days?), Verizon has me back online. Rebecca and I attended 'The Wizard of Oz' Saturday afternoon at our favorite venue, the Hanover Theater in Worcester, Mass. The musical was great with some neat high tech effects (some kind of sheer screen was in front of the stage during the tornado scene which they used to create a 3D illusion with the events on the stage occurring in the middle of the tornado). They stuck pretty close to the movie - even down to making everything sepia tones (through lighting and costumes?) in the Kansas scenes, and vibrant color in the Oz scenes. Rebecca said she loved the show, and wasn't afraid at all, although she did grab my hand several times when the lights were dimmed between scenes - to make sure I wasn't scared ;-).

Sunday we had a North Conway reunion with the other Corbin family and the Treems over to our place for lots of food (chicken ring, homemade crab rangoon, sausages and hot dogs, backed mac-n-cheese, and apple crisp), and to watch a thorough thrashing of the Tennessee Titans by our New England Patriots. The kids picked up right where they left off in August, racing around the house, putting on 'shows', and having a great time.

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kent said...

I'm glad that Rebecca and you enjoyed the show . . . and I think that Rebecca looked absolutely beautiful in her special "Wizard of Oz" dress. I so wish that I had been able to use my ticket, but I feel like I was there after reading the blog and seeing Rebecca's picture!

Grandma (a.k.a. Mom)

Lylah Ledner said...

what an adorable little princess......have a wonderful day - may whatever your hands touch - be blessed for you and your family.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

What a precious picture!

Amber said...

Sweet of her to keep you from being scared. :-) What a doll!