Rebecca's Winter Festival

Monday, January 19, 2009

This past weekend was Rebecca's Winter Carnival at her dance school. They did a total of 6 shows (3 shows Saturday, and 3 shows Sunday) which translates to me spending the entire weekend at the dance studio since I don't feel comfortable leaving my 5 year old there alone for a 10 hour stretch. She was in 2 numbers, 'Sleigh Ride' with her Primary Dance class and a really nice ballet routine with some of the older kids.

Rebecca is in the front, on the right.
She's the only one with a pink hat and scarf.
The show was supposed to take place a month ago (December 13th and 14th), but we were hit with a massive snowstorm on December 11th (see previous post) so they were forced to reschedule. So in the past month she had 1 practice session for primary dance, and 1 for ballet (the latter was early yesterday, before the show started). Still she was a trooper and got through all the shows. Her favorite part was the 'Giddyup' from 'Sleigh Ride' where they got to 'prance' (see picture on right).

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