Gymnastics Show

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rebecca and Gregory getting
their gymnastics medals.

Rebecca and Gregory had their year-end Gymnastics show Saturday. Here's a short video to give you an idea. They did a warm up and got to demonstrate the skills they learned this year. Then three of the competitive gymnasts did some tricks for everyone. Every kid got to stand on the podium and get a medal. Rebecca came back with hers and told us "Yup - I got a medal cause I'm a winner!" Gregory wasn't too impressed with his and took it right off and stuffed it in our bag. Then it was out back for ice cream sundaes. On the way out, the competitive kids were giving high fives to the little kids. When Rebecca got to them she gave them each an enthusiastic high five and exclaimed "You guys are amaaazing!!".

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Amber said...

That was sooooo cute! It makes me wish I could have convinced my daughter to go to her final gymnastics meet. She was a pre-meet dropout. :-)

kent said...

Way to go Rebecca and Gregory! The talent in our family if absolutely amazing!