The Pool Is Open

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy summertime! This weekend was the long awaited opening of the town pool. Rebecca's school is directly across the street from the Holden Recreation facility, and for months, every time I pick her up, she picks one or two from her standard set of pool questions. "How much longer until the pool opens? Why haven't they taken the pool covers off yet? What if it keeps getting hotter and hotter everyday? Won't they have to open it then? Do you think they'll have Ring Pops again?". Did I mention, she's been waiting for the pool to open? I have to say, I get pretty excited for pool season too. Membership is an incredible perk for Holden residents - we pay less than $100 for the entire family, for the whole summer.

The weekend weather forecast was inconsistent, oscillating between partly cloudy, sunny, and a high of 70. Not exactly pool weather, so I tried to prepare But we lucked out and it turned out to be a beautiful weekend - sunny and upper 70s. The pool water was rather frigid, but the kids didn't seem to mind. Gregory waded in to the kiddie pool, tripped, got up, and said "Oh, that's cold". That was all we heard about it. He then took off for the slide, which empties into a 4 foot deep pool. I caught up with him on the pool stairs and told him he is too small for the slide, at which he replied, "but Mamma, I'm a BIG guy!". If he thinks he's going to pull out the cute card to get me in that freezing water, so he can go down the slide on my lap, he's got another thing coming (at least until July)!

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