Groovy Granola

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our homemade granola.

Last night I was in an experimental mood, and decided to try baking granola. This has been building for two days, since I googled 'low sugar granola recipes' and bought ingredients for the first one that came up. Rebecca was my helper, and we heated, stired, and baked. It was actually really easy to make, and the kitchen smelled amazing while it was cooking.

The result was very yummy when warm, and both my picky eaters declared they liked it. This morning, it was still good, but had definitely lost a little something in the cooling process. Still, it made a good breakfast with milk and some blueberries. I plan to go through this excersize again someday, although I will experiment with different recipes. I told Greg, now that I make my own granola I'm going to stop shaving my legs (just kidding ... I stopped shaving years ago).

Tonight we have a rare night out without the kiddos!! Greg and I are heading into Boston to see The Decemberists!

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