A Quiet Weekend

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gregory "helping" with the gardening
They said it would never happen. The chances are about one in a million. We actually had a weekend, at home, with no plans. Greg didn't have to work Saturday and spent most of the day cleaning out the front of our yard. Somehow, every fall/winter, that section seems to accumulate about five years worth of leaves/sticks/branches. This year, with the ice storm of December '08, it was exceptionally bad. He finished up today and is ready to move on to the next project (the chimney!).

Our first native strawberries of the seasonI took the kids to the Barre Farmer's Market Saturday morning and we also got our first native strawberries at a farm stand in Rutland!! We bbq'd last night and again tonight. After each dinner, we had our first real strawberry shortcake of the summer. I went back to Rutland today and bought more strawberries, since the kids inhaled every berry that was left over last night.

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