Spring Is Finally Here

Friday, May 8, 2009

Our Green Guest
Here in New England, it can be hard to tell when Winter is gone for good. Yesterday, we had one of our sure signs that Old Man Winter has packed up and left - our summer resident made her first appearance. She (or he - we're really not sure) is a large frog which my daughter has inexplicably named Amy. For the past two summers, Amy has settled in our little "pond" (it actually resembles a puddle more than a pond) by our front door. Amy is rather big, for a frog, and seems to get a little bigger each year. My daughter spent hours last summer talking to her, so she was delighted to see the amiable amphibian sitting on her rock when we went out to wait for the kindergarten bus. Gregory was also quite taken with her and spent about 10 minutes talking to her today.
Rebecca and Amy: The ReunionThe conversation consisted mostly of statements like "Froggy, don't bite my finger" and "Froggy, no jump on my head?". He must have been giving her future instructions since she never moved a muscle, or gave any sign she even noticed Gregory during the exchange. I just hope we don't get any new residents in the pond, such as Mr. Garter Snake.

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sk8clark said...

That is the funniest thing I have heard all day! Conversations with Amy, this will probably be the book that finances college for the little tykes!