Eventful Friday Night

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rebecca and Gregory in full luau attireWe attended Dawson Elementary School's annual Spring party last night. The theme was a luau, complete with pizza, fake tattoos, and a DJ. I love elementary school kids because they are still young enough not to care what anyone thinks. If there's music on they dance - all out. Rebecca and Gregory both partook in the festivities, although they each met misfortune on the dance floor. Gregory was launched by 2 older boys running through the gym, and Rebecca just ran into her friend while spinning, scraping her ankle when she fell.

We had to leave a little early since long before I knew about the luau, I had splurged and bought tickets to the musical "Annie" for Rebecca and myself. We dropped Gregory home with Dad, and Rebecca put on her 2nd dress for the night. We headed over to the Hanover Theater in Worcester which has been beautifully restored. The show started at 8 PM and seemed really long to me. Actually, it was really long - 3 hours long. I had no idea it would go so late but when the curtain call finally came, it was 11:05 PM. Rebecca did pretty well considering our seats were way up in the balcony with a hand rail running directly through our view of the stage, and she ate/drank 2 cups of Sprite, an ice cream and a cupcake at the luau. So there was some fidgeting, but overall she did really well. There was an intermission around 9:30 PM. Desperate to keep her going, I told her she could get a snack so she picked out a piece of chocolate cake which cost an astounding $5. Not wanting to appear culturally inexperienced (this was our first event at the Hanover Theater), I forked over the $5. Of course, Rebecca took two bites and said she was full - an average of $2.50 per bite! Next time I'm sneaking in a snack pack of goldfish.

Rebecca and her $5 piece of chocolate cakeI figured she'd conk out on the way home, but she wanted to listen to "Marley & Me" (I got the cd's at the library and she's really into it). We listened for a few minutes and then she asked questions about the story for the rest of the way home. Greg was in the garage when we arrived home, and was very amused that she was still going at 11:30 PM. He brought her right up to bed where she immediately fell asleep. I did the same until 5:30 AM this morning when I awoke to Gregory - "Mama - it's morning time! Get up!!" Doesn't he know the girls had a late night???

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