Some Adult Conversation

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

There's not much going on with the kids this week (at least not until Saturday's pool party - more on that later). But there is some fun stuff going on with me that I know everyone can't wait to hear about! Bear with me - my definition of 'fun' has changed over the past decade.

  1. I had a fabulous dinner last night with the Ballet Moms - thanks guys. You know you're having fun when it's 12:15 AM, and you have to get up in exactly five hours, and you're still disappointed that everyone has to go home, and wish they could stay later. You guys are the best! And thanks to my fabulous husband for cooking us another delicious gourmet meal. We all had some much need adult conversation, food and wine!

  2. OK, this seems pretty lame, even by my standards, but Greg and I finally watched a (semi) adult movie Sunday night - Tropic Thunder. The DVD has been sitting on the bookcase shelf since we received it from Netflix in June, which tells you how often we have a chance to sit down and watch a movie together. If you haven't seen it yet (and I know the chances of that are slim since it came out a year ago and we are probably the last people on the face of the planet to see it), I have to recommend it. Especially if you like fun, slapstick comedy - hilarious.

  3. I've volunteered and been accepted to be a blogger for That's the Mom Blog for the Worcester Telegram where roughly a dozen Moms (and Dads) post great information on a large variety of topics, all having something to do with being a parent in Massachusetts. I have tons of great ideas for posts and can't wait to get started. I'll put links to my MassMoms posts (3 or 4 per month) here since frankly, it's easier than posting the stories twice.;-)

That's it for now. We have a busy couple of weeks coming up: Rebecca's birthday party this weekend, Maine with the Ballet Moms (and families) on the 31st, then a week in North Conway, NH, the second week of August. So hopefully I will have some fun posts coming up!

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