Friday Twilight

Friday, July 10, 2009

That's right. Tonight I became the last person on the planet to watch the movie 'Twilight'. Very cool! Greg is on the beach on Plum Island as I speak (or, er, write) with five other husbands and my brother, all fishing. I talked to him earlier and he was very excited that he actually caught a fish (not a keeper - thank goodness!). Since he's staying there tonight, the kids and I decided to schedule a Friday evening 'o fun.


It started with four hours at the pool this afternoon. For dinner I made a yummy corn and potato chowder which neither of them would touch. They ended up eating toast and animal crackers (what kid doesn't like potatoes? oh yeah - mine). For a special treat, after dinner I decided it would be a good idea to pile the couch cushions on the floor and play 'King of the Mountain'. Rebecca pretended to be everything from a mermaid of the mountain, to a crocodile, and Gregory just jumped on the cushions shouting "I'm the man!".

They were actually tired enough to go to sleep fifteen minutes before bedtime, so I decided to run downstairs and start a laundry before settling in to my movie. As I bent over to pick some clothes up off the floor, I threw my back out (I guess King of the Mountain wasn't such a good idea after all). Although I couldn't stand up straight, sitting wasn't so bad, so I took some Advil and watched 'Twilight'. When the credits rolled, I was still unable to stand up straight so I hobbled to the bed, and here I am, flat on my back, blogging on the laptop. Did I mention that Greg and I have tickets to see Wilco tomorrow night at the Tsongas arena in Lowell? That's right, what could be better for excruciating back pain than three hours standing in a mob of dancing people? Should be interesting.

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Amber said...

Ohhhhhh no!!!! Talk about the Twilight ZONE! Here's for hoping it improves...quickly.