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Saturday, July 18, 2009

This was the first nice week of the summer, and yesterday was a glorious end (it rained buckets this morning). I took the kids to the pool for a couple of hours. Rebecca is finally starting to swim - it only took three years of swimming lessons! She does this kind of treading water stroke where she slowly drifts toward her destination. Every once in a while she breaks into a crawl attempt, gets some speed going, and then runs out of steam. Still, she swam from the slide to the ladder (about 15 feet) twice without any help - and is very proud of herself. I was also very proud - she has actually been practicing a lot this year and working very hard to learn

Magic Keys

We packed up mid afternoon and headed to the senior center where magician Steve Rudolf performed his Starship Magic Show. The act was designed for about Rebecca's age and at times Gregory got more entertainment from my keys. He was also quite fond of Squeaky, the monkey puppet (unlike myself - you can probably imagine what Squeaky sounded like. Thank goodness I had a tired two year old on my lap giggling and snuggling simultaneously - how often does that happen any more?). By the end, it was way past Gregory's nap time, and he fell asleep during the five minute drive home.

Whiffle Bonding

Tonight there was some man bonding in the backyard over whiffle ball - guys are so weird. The matching outfits was not planned, but I found it amusing enough to take a picture.

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Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Oh my goodness those pictures are adorable!