Berries, Fireworks and Camp (oh my!)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Hard at work (not!)

Happy 4th of July! We took advantage of the first sunshine in weeks today and filled our day with all kinds of summertime fun. This morning, Rebecca went to the town recreation department half day camp (swimming, tennis, crafts and drama). Gregory and I went strawberry picking during which he demonstrated an amazing talent for eating berries, but not too much interest in actually picking them. He also got to feed a goat at the farm petting zoo and play on the backyard playground, which included an antique tractor. For a longer description of our berry picking experience, click here. We met Rebecca at the pool at the end of camp with a picnic and ate lunch on the grass while we waited for free swim. After a few hours of pool time we returned home. I wanted to try to get Gregory to sleep since the fireworks were later in the night. No luck there, but we did get hit with a few medium thunderstorms, which put our fireworks plan in jeopardy.

Farmer Gregory

The thunder finally stopped about 7:30 PM, and we could see blue sky in the distance, although it was still raining at our abode. I packed up the car and made Greg take us to Rutland to see if the fireworks were still on. They were, and as the sky cleared in the nick of time, we set up camp on an overlooking hill and waited. This was Gregory's first fireworks experience, so we weren't sure how he was going to take it. He was very excited during the walk to the festivities, and when we asked him what a firework was, all he would say was "beep beep". As soon as they started in earnest, he decided that they "hurt my eyes". Greg advised him to close his eyes, which he did, and within two minutes he was asleep (you know you're tired when you fall asleep with dynamite exploding over your head). Rebecca was delighted and watched the whole show excitedly. By the time we arrived home they were both fast asleep.

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Amber said...

Of course they were fast asleep. An excursion like that is every kid's dream. And the pictures were sooooo cute!