Rebecca's Winter Concert

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! Rebecca's school put on a Winter Concert this week. The theme was 'Earth Songs' which I was thrilled with. I hit the 10 AM show with Gregory and the video camera (Greg couldn't get out of work, so my mission was to capture the whole thing). Here's the video of the first song (Rebecca is in the white and green striped sweater).

She did beautifully! Unfortunately, early into the 2nd song, Gregory decided to start yelling, which meant I had to throw down the video camera and cover his mouth. She sang so beautifully - I was broken-hearted I didn't get the 2nd song for Greg. So I snuck back in for the 2 PM show. Looking back, I guess 2 PM on the Friday before vacation is probably not the best time for Rebecca to be in a concert.

She struggled a lot more with standing still in the afternoon show, but I swear at 10 AM she was great. Oh well, some days you just can't win, but I was still proud of her. Afterwards, I took them both to swimming lessons. Rebecca was 'sit diving' and swimming totally underwater and Gregory is swimming on his own too. The lessons are really paying off!

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