Weekend Roundup: Swimming, Snow, and Line Dancing (Really)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Future Bloggers?

Don't you just love weekends that follow this simple formula: busy Saturday, quiet Sunday? We've just had such a weekend here at casa Corbin. The fun actually started Friday night when the kids had their first swimming lesson at the Y (I forgot my camera - still kicking myself). This was Gregory's first swimming lesson ever and I was amazed by how well he listened and followed his adorable teacher's instructions. He is really comfortable in the water and had no problem doing everything she asked (while she was encouraging the kids to dunk their chins, he was submerging his whole head - I was so proud!). I promise to bring my camera next week and get some photos/video.

Saturday morning, we were at the library when it opened (translation: the kids were going stir crazy in the house). The temps reached the mid 40s, so when we got home I decked them out in full snow gear and sent them outside. They sledded, tracked bears, and made snow angels for a full hour and a half.

My parents arrived to watch the boy, while Rebecca and I set off for Mother/Daughter line dancing night at The Dance Ranch in Worcester. Country music is definitely not my thing, but this was a Girl Scout event in which Rebecca's Daisy troop was participating, so I decided to take one for the team. After a feeble attempt to teach her the Macarana, Rebecca refused to dance with me, and played tag on the dance floor with her friends. Here's a video of her dancing (at least she has the bow down!).

Today we spent reading, playing on the computer, playing outside, watching the 2nd half of the Blues Brothers (which ended, as usual, with a massive dance off between me and Gregory, followed by a towel snapping war between the boy and his father). The little monsters are growing up so fast - Rebecca is reading up a storm, and Gregory has discovered that 4 letter word that is a favorite of preschoolers everywhere (you know, it starts and ends with 'P', and has 2 'O's in the middle). Between that, and his newly developed talent for running around, shaking his hips, and declaring 'Look at my bumbum' (thankfully, usually with pants on), things have been pretty interesting around here.

That was our weekend, what did everyone else do?

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