Skating Stars

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gregory practices with a chair

The kids took advantage of the wintry weather Saturday to try out their new skates. A local resident constructs and maintains a little rink in the center of town every year, so that's where I headed with my first timers. We lasted just over an hour before I got cold and packed everyone back into the car. Kind of humbling to be outlasted by a 6 and 3 year old. The kids loved it, didn't want to leave, and Rebecca keeps asking us to take her back. Next time I'm bringing hot chocolate (for me)!

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Kenneth Canfield said...

Oh, Noelle . . . we loved seeing the video of the kids on their first day of ice skating! Thanks for sharing with us . . . and as only grandparents can modestly say, we're sure this is how today's Olympic champions and NHL stars got started.

Please tell Rebecca and Gregory we think they are great ice skaters!

Love 'ya,
Dad and Mom

Amber said...

I LOVE the chair shot! That is seriously how I learned to skate. You are doing something right. :-)