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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The inner web developer (a.k.a. dork) in me is showing through. I've been playing with social networking and added a link at the bottom of each post to link to the newest way to get visitors, StumbleUpon. I'm not crazy about the kludgy graphic - they had some other smaller ones I might try out. What do you think? Is anyone else using StumbleUpon?

I also added my Twitter updates to the sidebar. If you want to connect, follow me and I will do the same! Is it too cluttered or should I keep adding more social networking bling?

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Noelle said...

Decided to go with the smaller StumbleUpon icon. Should I finish adding the facebook link or stop my kids from killing each other in the tub?

Noelle said...

Ok - I ditched individual social networking buttons and went with 'Add This' which adds them all at once.