Rebecca's Birthday at American Girl

Monday, July 26, 2010

Rebecca and Rebecca

Happy Birthday to my Rebecca who turned 7 on the 24th of July. This year we decided to skip the birthday party and take her somewhere she has been begging to go - the American Girl doll store.

We are lucky enough to live about half an hour from an American Girl store, so the day after Rebecca's birthday we headed to the Natick mall to check it out.

After spending an hour examining every doll in the store, Rebecca decided to go with the suitably named 'Rebecca' doll. Rebecca (the doll) has wavy brown hair and hazel eyes, just like my beautiful little Rebecca (the 7 year old), so we decided it was fate.

Once that was settled, it was time to pick out an outfit for Rebecca (the doll). Again Rebecca (the 7 year old) had to examine every outfit in the store before selecting a horseback riding ensemble for her new doll.

Lunch for 3

All this shopping made us hungry so we headed into the American Girl Bistro, where we had a reservation. They served us a nice three course meal and even put a little booster seat on the table for Rebecca (the doll).

All in all, a nice day. Here's a little equation I worked out. Warning: this is not for the faint of heart:


1 American Girl doll + 1 American Girl doll outfit + 1 pair of American Girl doll shoes + 2 lunches at the American Girl Bistro = more $$ than a pool party for an entire kindergarten class.

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Shari said...

We haven't eaten at the AG Bistro, so I don't know how much that part cost, but I know how expensive everything else is. But look at it this had a wonderful, memorable experience together, and she will continue to enjoy her doll for years to come. Maybe she'll even pass it on to her daughter one day. You definitely can't say the same about a pool party.

Amber said...

I haven't even dared to step foot in an American Girl for fear it will set me back several months. It helps that my daughter doesn't like dolls. :)

But I'm sure this is one party your daughter will not soon forget!

Noelle said...

Thanks! She is thrilled with her doll. I don't really mind the money, I just thought it was funny. Definitely a fun day!