Maine Weekend

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rebecca on the pontoon boat

We just got home from a very fun and exhausting weekend at Maine. Our friend's parents have a camp cabin right on Crystal Lake in Harrison Maine. And no, it's not the Friday the 13th Crystal Lake - no hockey mask wearing serial killers to be seen. It's a beautiful little lake North of Sebago Lake, surrounded by small mountains. There's a little beach, dock, and a pontoon boat. At night the lake looks like glass and you can hear the eerie calls of the loons (it's especially peaceful after a night sitting around the campfire and a bottle of Riesling).

Gregory enjoying a s'more

This weekend Patty and Phil bravely invited us, and four other families with small children to pitch tents on their property for a big camping sleepover. The kids were in heaven, and had a great time going for boat rides, tubing, swimming, fishing, toasting marshmallows, eating s'mores and hiking up Hawk Mountain. Rebecca was the only kid to fall in the lake with all her clothes on, and Gregory found a toy lawnmower which became attached to his little fingers as he possessively pushed it around the yard for hours. It was actually nice, whenever he was getting into mischief, I would just tell him the lawnmower was free and he would stop his shenanigans and mow the pine needles. Plus, it had a little fake engine that whirred when the wheels turned, so even if we couldn't see him we knew where he was just by listening. We considered stopping on the way home to pick one up at Walmart, but figured once he actually owned it he would never play with it again. He did go for his first boat ride too - he was nervous for about five minutes, then he became his usual wild self and it was Greg and I who were nervous. Thanks Sarah, Kenny, Patty and Phil for having us to your beautiful spot.

Here's all the pictures.

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