Leah's Birthday Party

Monday, April 6, 2009

I took the kids up to Maine on Saturday for Leah's 5th birthday party which was at a Gymnastics club in Topsham. Gregory the Kamikaze did some interesting moves on the slide of the bouncy train (see video). We stayed at Jiffy's new place and he and Evan greeted her new neighbors with some friendly yelling early Sunday morning. Rebecca slept over Beth and Leah's house by herself (her first time alone!). It was much harder for Mom - I was trying to sit her down in the gym to tell her she could call me anytime of the night and I would come get her, and she gave me the stiff arm (can I go play now?). We also got to check out Uncle Kenny's new pad, and play with Moose. Happy Birthday Leah!

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Amber said...

I love how you said so casually, "We went up to Maine." Man, I would LOVE to go to Maine for anything, let alone a birthday party. Sounds fun!